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Tommy "B-K" Boyer-Kendrick

Speed-Strength and Conditioning Specialist

With over 25 years of experience in the field of strength and conditioning, Tommy has coached some of the world’s greatest athletes from SHAQ to Eli Manning, trained thousands of athletes at the pro and college level, and is now part of our team at PTA. Having been an athlete his whole life, it began with running his first marathon at the age of 11 (NYC Marathon, 1980) and continued through his years at West Point (USMA), playing both football and rugby for the Army team. As an international coach and speaker on physical training, Tommy has been published in scientific journals and earned the highest awards in his field. He has co-authored a book on kettlebell training, written chapters for academic text books and developed online courses for some of the industries most reputable organizations. He coauthored the first published research study on Complex Training in North America (2000). 

Tommy B-K has been the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for multiple D1 schools and Pro teams. His true passion is what you will find him doing right now, training the youth athlete whether on a team or individual bases. Settling down and leaving the ranks of pro coaching to raise his two sons is what brought him here to Spokane in 2010. 


Coaching Experience

University of Montana (92-93)

Orlando Magic/NBA (93-95)

Middle Tennessee State Univ (95-96)

PAOK/Greek Euro League (96-97)

University of Idaho (98-’01)

Phoenix Suns/NBA (’01-’03)

Spokane Shock (’10-’14)


Consulted for numerous small colleges and high schools across the country (’03-Present)

Education and Professional Certificates

  • Bachelor of Science, Human Performance, University of Montana

Graduated Sum Cum Laude, published research, President’s award

  • Master of Science, Exercise Science, Middle Tenn. State University

Graduated Phi Kappa Phi, Sum Cum Laude, published research

  • US Army Master Fitness Trainer - 1991

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) -1993

  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach - 1999

  • Vertimax Certified Coach - 2018

Personal Interest

If you can’t find TBK out on a football field or a basketball court on nights and weekends, it’s because he is out playing with his two sons, Max and Mason. Just being together as a family and having fun is all that matters to the B-K Boys. Make A Great Day!