"If it's physical, it's therapy"



Our Physical Therapists view the body as a system of moving parts that must all be performing optimally to allow proper, pain-free function.  We use full-body screening to identify problem areas, with a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to promote proper movement and full recovery.





Joint Mobilization

A variety of hands-on techniques to facilitate an increase in motion, inhibit pain, and restore proper joint mechanics (spinal or extremity).

Soft tissue mobilization

Techniques to promote relaxation, increase circulation and vascularization, decrease pain, and increase tissue elasticity.

Muscle Energy Techniques

The selective use of passive and active soft tissue tension to facilitate an increase in motion and/or proper alignment of a joint (spinal or extremity).

Myofascial Release

The selective use of pressure and passive tissue tension to facilitate tissue relaxation, flexibility and relieve pain.

Therapeutic Exercise

Specialized exercise designed to address specific strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and/or proprioceptive deficits.

Specialty Services

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  • Gait analysis

  • Orthotic prescription

  • Golf swing analysis with a TPI level 3 certified medical professional

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Cash Pay Pricing

*3 month grace period to use package*

  • Initial consultation: $115/1 hr

  • Follow up: $75/30 min

  • 8 sessions: $580 ($72.50/session)

  • 12 sessions: $840 ($70.00/session)



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