PTA Performance believes in helping the people of this community be the best physical version of themselves. Our client-centered, team-based approach includes the highest quality training, rehabilitation and sports skill development, providing a holistic approach to health, fitness, and sports performance.


Our Story



Physical Therapy Associates (PTA) started as a small clinic on the South Hill of Spokane in 1977 with core values that emphasize high quality physical therapy, serving the community, and treating everyone who walks through their doors like a part of the family. Fast forward to late 2017, and PTA has grown into a larger clinic and team who carries those same values and the drive to serve a larger population in rehab, wellness, and performance.

PTA has now partnered with the area's knowledgeable and highly respected performance training coaches, basketball development coach, and nutritionist with extensive backgrounds to develop an all-inclusive facility for your performance, rehab, and wellness needs. Each skill set is maximized within this dynamic and comprehensive group, so that we can provide data-driven, performance-based, functional results.