“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.”

We know that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet has countless benefits. It’s our goal to share reliable nutrition information and resources with the community.

We are currently running an introductory offer of $20 per nutrition consult!

What to expect during your consult: 30-45 minutes of discussing your goals, health history, current routine and dietary preferences. From there, you will receive personalized recommendations in a comprehensive holistic nutrition program tailored to your needs. Your goals are the primary focus — we believe in balance, modifying instead of eliminating, and using food as fuel for the lifestyle you want!

Nutrition for athletes: Because the body needs proper fuel to enhance sports performance, we strive to educate our athletes on the importance of proper fuel to enhance recovery time, achieve a healthy body composition and reduce the risk of injury and illness.

PTA Performance is contracted with most major health insurance providers. To check your insurance benefits, inquire about rates, or set up an appointment, please contact us today! 

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