Basketball Skills Enhancement Training

At PTA Performance one of our goals is to build confidence through basketball skill development!

Building skills through the ability to:

  • Control the ball and create opportunities

  • Building a connection that allows ball handling to compliment footwork

  • Footwork with purpose

    • Learn how and why to utilize specific footwork to create, avoid, and maintain space

  • The ability to find solutions creatively around the rim

    • Read and react, discovering solutions around the rim

    • Creating/avoiding contact

  • Shooting principles and techniques

  • Learn how to receive feedback from your basketball and maximize control with each release

I would like to share with you the talents and benefits of Eric Avery. Over the past 2 years Eric has worked with both of my sons on basketball development. Over this period of time my oldest son has improved dramatically. When he started working with Eric, he was the 9th player on his High School J.V. team. My son then progressed to making and starting varsity, being named team captain and making 1st team All League as a senior. Furthermore, he is now playing basketball on a full scholarship. My son has a tremendous work ethic but Eric was Instrumental in developing his skills and helping him reach his dream of playing college basketball.

My younger son is also now working with Eric. We are seeing similar result and are confident that Eric will assist him in becoming the best player possible.

Overall Eric Avery has been a consistent positive influence on both my boys. He understands the game and knows how to develop basketball players to reach their potential. I would highly recommend Eric to any parent/organization looking for a high level of basketball training.

—Kevin Bailey

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