Swimming Video Analysis And Coaching


Interested in enhancing your swimming form and get faster and/or more efficient with your swim technique??? Are you someone you can swim and just wants to get more comfortable with your swimming form???

 We are excited to offer the services of under water video analysis and a swim form assessment in our 13×15 foot endless pool! The pool comes with two separate underwater treadmills with available resistive current.


With a state of the art endless pool at our south hill location (2507 E. 27th Ave.), Dylan Palmer a certified triathlon coach uses 3-4 video angles to assess, analyze, and improve flaws in swimming form and technique. Dylan will review the video and give immediately feedback while you are in the pool and discuss changes to form. You will be provided with written instructions for swimming drills to work on fine tuning your technique, and receive a demonstration while in the pool. An email will be sent to you with a copy of the video with voice over and further breakdown of swimming form for your personal records. ENJOY!


Pricing Options available

  • 1 hour video assessment with drills and copy of video: $80

  • 1 hour coaching session without the detailed video assessment: $60

  • Monthly swimming plan for fitness: $35/month


For more information & scheduling contact Dylan Palmer at dylan@ptaperformance.com